Contribute and access data

Contribute and access data


Any use of IRBAS data must attribute credit to the original data provider and to the IRBAS consortium under the Creative Commons 4.0 License. This data is for academic use only and is not to be used for any commercial purpose without permission from the data provider. Use of the data must include citation of the following 2 manuscripts and the original publication(s) describing the collection and presentation of the data.
- Datry T., Larned S.T., Tockner K. 2014. Intermittent rivers: a challenge for freshwater ecology. BioScience 64 (3): 229-235.
- Leigh C., Laporte B., Pella H., Bonada N., Fritz K., Leigh C., Sauquet E., Hugueny B., Tockner K., Dahm C.D, Datry T. 2016. IRBAS: an online database to compile, analyse and synthesis data on the biodiversity and ecology of intermittent rivers worldwide. Ecology & Evolution, In prep.

Available data



1. What is the IRBAS database and why support it?

2. How do I contribute data?

2a. How to get started

2b. How to fill in the data-entry templates

2c. How to save completed templates

3. How do I insert my completed templates into the database? (requires log in to access)

4. How do I explore the database and request data? (requires log in to access)


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